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Welcome to If you are interested in new, exciting, challenging, but enjoyable music to play or listen to, then may just have what you’re looking for.
We specialise in chamberjazz, including chamberdance and chamberfunk music for saxophone. Here you will find a growing collection of printed music and recordings for the professional recitalist or university student.
In the world of contemporary saxophone playing, it is easy to forget that we are entertainers – that we need to enjoy what we play and communicate this to an audience. Here are some comments about the works in this catalogue:
“Without a doubt, this is one of the most original and effective new works for saxophone that I have come across.” Gerard McChrystal

“Ingenious, innovative and thought-provoking… a brilliantly conceived work.” Gordon Lewin

“Tightly constructed and enormously appealing.” CASS Magazine

“Some of the best contemporary sax music I’ve heard.” Alastair Penman


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  • Tony says:

    Many thanks to Dr Katherine Williams for letting us know that she’ll be performing Rhapsody at the University of Bristol on February 26th, 2014. Sounds like an exciting programme of new music for solo saxophone and electronics/audio. Tickets are available in advance. All details can be found here:

  • Tony says:

    Many thanks to Axel Bernhardt for his interest in Sonata for Tenor Saxophone. As a result, I've just uploaded 12 pages of the score so that you can get an idea of what it's like.

  • Tony says:

    Just had Alistair Parnell round to the house this morning listening to him play Rhapsody on his EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument). I completely agree with Alison Owen-Morley who heard him perform it in Nottingham last week – “jaw-droppingly amazing”. We’ve agreed a few tasty revisions to take advantage of the fabulous range of the EWI and it’s ability to sustain a second line of notes. This works by sustaining the first note of your phrase until you tongue again, meaning that you can produce some fabulous two part harmony.
    If you want to hear him perform, he’ll be at the World Saxophone Congress this July in St. Andrews, Scotland. 

  • Tony says:

    Hello there!

    Just a quick note to thank everyone who has been playing my music over the last few years. If you’ve been to my site before, you’ll have noticed a big change recently with my move to WordPress. This has enabled me give you the opportunity to post comments about the works and to let everyone know when you’re performing them.  So do feel free to post links to your own websites with details of your shows. I’m going to start the ball rolling with a few that I’ve just been told about to see how this will work in practice:

    Gerard McChrystal at the Three Choirs Festival

    Isabel Potter for her degree recital, and

    Matt Styles at the World Saxophone Congress

    But which pieces are they playing and where are the gigs?! Have a look through the composition pages to find out..

    Best wishes


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