Hello there – many thanks for visiting my site. Just thought I'd let you know that I've started to upgrade the music players for my extract recordings so that you can now stream and download with ease. So far I've upgraded the players for:


Incantation – chamberjazz: the weaving of a magic spell. Transformation from elaborate romantic to bebop.. If you're not sure what that sounds like, visit the page and have a listen.

Passacaglia: überfunk – a chamberfunk piece for unaccompanied saxophone

I've added a new recording not previously heard on this site for:

Rhapsody – a mesmeric, ever-evolving chamberjazz piece for alto and audio accompaniment

And I've added a new recording for my saxophone quartet:

Provenance – a powerful and passionate chamberjazz piece for quartets who want to get their teeth into something funky and entertain their audiences at the same time. 

Here's hoping you enjoy it all. More recordings coming soon. Love to hear your thoughts on the music..